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10 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Be A Great Batman

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Ben Affleck Batman

So did you hear the news? Of course you did. Warner Bros has cast Ben Affleck to portray Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. As of now, the untitled film is scheduled for release July 17th, 2015. Allegedly, Affleck will be the Caped Crusader  for thirteen appearances. Now that doesn’t mean full movies as it could just be cameos (think Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury) in other movies leading up to a Justice League movie. Of course that’s just the rumor as most information right now is top secret.

Now that the news has set in and the nerd rage is all over every social media website, I actually think Affleck will make a great Batman along side Henry Cavill as Superman. Whether you agree or disagree with me, the fact remains that this is the man Warner Bros. has decided to go with. So instead of being negative, I have compiled the following well thought out argument in defense of Mr. Affleck.

And here we go…

10) Nerds Are Not The Experts They Claim To Be.

Joker Heath Ledger

Let’s wind the clock back for a second. Remember what fan boys said about Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker? On a poll over at in 2006, out of 2015 votes only 9.88% liked the idea of Ledger being the Clown Prince of Crime. People called Christopher Nolan foolish for casting a gay cowboy from Brokeback Mountain. Ledger went on to win an Oscar for his portrayal and fans removed their feet from their mouths and ate platefuls of crow. The crying shame is that Ledger died before the movie was released and never knew how much he was loved. He passed away knowing only hate towards his casting.

That’s just one example. People yelled to the heavens when Michael Keaton was cast in Tim Burton’s Batman. People cried foul when Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. No one thought the girl from the Princess Diaries could be Catwoman. Or how about when Daniel Craig was cast as 007? Just like people joining in when there is looting in the streets, it’s easy to jump on the negativity bandwagon and shoot down what potentially could be a great performance.

This statement seems to be getting the most backlash over anything else. But the facts are you can make comparisons to other actors and how they were unpopular choices. People are only now singing the praises after the fact. Can Affleck totally not be effective? Absolutely. But he just signed the contract. The ink is still fresh, let the guy train and get into the character before people just write him off.

9) The Kevin Smith Factor

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck

Whether you are a fan of his movies or not, Kevin Smith has created a small empire with his comic book knowledge. He sold his collection to make Clerks, and references numerous comic characters throughout his filmography. He has a show on AMC called Comic Book Men about his comic book shop in New Jersey. And he is the author of many comic books such as Daredevil, The Green Hornet, but most notably a three issue Batman series called Batman: Cacophony.

So what the hell does this have to do with anything? He is good friends with Affleck. Smith may not have anything to do with the production of the Batman/Superman movie, but don’t you think Ben is going to talk to him about the project? Don’t you think he’ll ask for some guidance and character inspiration? Hell Affleck is an admitted big comic book nerd himself. I respect Smith for his geeky knowledge and filmmaking abilities, and obviously so does Affleck since he’s starred in many of his movies. It would be totally naive to think Kevin Smith won’t be a little voice in Affleck’s ear on how to do justice to the Dark Knight.

8) Affleck Can Easily Pull Off Bruce Wayne

Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne Batman

Even with Christian Bale’s great performance of the billionaire playboy, many still consider Michael Keaton to be the best portrayal. This is a guy who was Beetlejuice, Mr. Mom and the guy from Gung Ho. And whether you consider Bruce Wayne to be the true mask of the hero, it still takes an actor to be able to properly perform the duality of the role. Ben Affleck has the ability to be a great Bruce which will make for a believable Batman.

Bruce Wayne needs to look clumsy. Bruce Wayne needs to be clueless yet charming. Bruce Wayne has to work hard to appear to be everything Batman isn’t as to not give away his identity. With his comedic and dramatic acting background, Ben Affleck  can accomplish exactly what Keaton did, and that’s a guy who is likable to the Gotham public eye, slightly awkward and yet at any given moment can go a little nuts.

7) This Is Not Christopher Nolan’s Batman…

Dark Knight Director Christopher Nolan

Of course there is no denying how amazing Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is, but this is not his movie. Nolan’s story is over. Hell, it’s not even really a Batman movie. This is Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel. At this time, other than someone reading a portion of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic, we don’t even know what the movie is about and how much Batman will even be in the film. Bale was perfect for Nolan, but may not have been compatible with Snyder’s vision. This may not be the dark and brooding version of Batman. Batman can exist in a positive world. Just look at the Brave and the Bold cartoon on Cartoon Network. I’m envisioning the character being somewhere in the middle ground between Adam West campy and Nolan’s reality. Remember a lot of parents were warned away from taking their kids to see The Dark Knight because it was too dark. Warner Bros. wants to make a Justice League that the entire family can enjoy. As a parent of four kids myself, I had not problem taking my nine and seven year old to see The Avengers, but they still have not seen The Dark Knight Rises. Their names are even Harley and Ivy (and yes my daughter’s middle name is Quinn). This is something that Warner Bros. noticed that their superhero movie wasn’t reaching a broader audience.

Just like how many different writers and artists have evolved the mythology, so have filmmakers. Between Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder, they must have figured that Affleck will work perfectly to balance Cavill. Because of the powers that Superman has and the eventual tie in with Justice League, the movie will more than likely not be set in reality like the Nolan franchise. For now we can only speculate as to exactly how he wants Affleck to portray Bats, but I am thinking it’s a more family friendly version based more on fantasy than reality in the same manner of Marvel’s The Avengers.

6) Daredevil Was Not Entirely Horrible

Ben Affleck Daredevil Movie

OK, before I get a ton of hateful trolling comments on this one, let me explain. I am indeed a huge Batman nerd and I have to admit I know squat about Daredevil. So when I watched the 2003 movie, I didn’t watch it through the eyes of a Marvel fanboy, I watched it as someone who likes Batman. While certain scenes like the playground fight were a bit goofy, there were a ton of elements that totally mimic a Batman movie. In so many instances you could have easily swapped out the red leather costume for a black one with a cape and cowl.

Young Matt Murdock had his father brutally slain and used that pain to become a hero. Daredevil was a regular guy without superpowers who gets hurt, who bleeds, who wears the scars of his battles on his body. He takes medication to numb the pain. The shower scene was evidence of this. To watch Matt Murdock pull out a broken tooth and have blood wash away in the drain was powerful and reminded me so much of the vulnerability of Bruce Wayne.  To watch Daredevil jump off of buildings and run across rooftops was just like Batman in the Animated Series. The use of echolocation was just like the sonar device Batman used to take out all of Joker’s henchmen in The Dark Knight. To me, I thought these were aspects in Daredevil that Affleck did great in.

Yes I admit in many areas the movie flopped, but I still left the theater saying that Daredevil was the Batman origin movie I never got. Of course that opinion changed when Batman Begins came out two years later. But let me challenge you to rewatch Daredevil’s bar fight scene and tell me that’s not exactly how Batman uses the dark and the element of surprise to take out bad guys. And let’s not forget one other factor, Daredevil was not Ben’s fault, he was just the actor in the role. The people you should be blaming are the director, screen writer, and producers. The director by the way has only gone on to direct Ghost Rider, When in Rome, and this year’s Killing Season. All of them have been critical flops.

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  • capmovies

    you don’t actually believe this you just wanted a bunch of nerds to rant!!! fucking internet

  • Matt

    Honest to God there are so many worse people they could of cast as Batman. I wouldn’t of gone with Affleck myself (Karl Urban will always be my top choice) I don’t think it’s dreadful and certainly won’t be any worse than Bale’s Batman. As for Wayne, I think Affleck will pull him off. Sure, he won’t be as good as Keaton and he might not capture the rich boy arrogance that Bale did, but he’ll still do a good job.

    • Craig

      Especially after Dredd, I would totally be able to see Urban as the caped crusader, But I don’t think Snyder wants Batman to be dark and brooding anymore.

  • CainCrow

    Excellent article. I agree with pretty much everything you had to say. Arguments I’ve been making (and getting heat for) on many other pages. Kudos

    • Craig

      Thanks! And thanks for checking out my site

  • Leonard Thomas

    Lets agree to one thing here. Its a Snyder movie. Why is the world going crazy over Ben Affleck? We have seen Snyder’s movies. Its gonna be Vfx, Vfx and Vfx. Who cares about who plays who

    • Craig

      I can see that

  • Konstantinos “Pilgrim” Tsokos

    I’m not so sure about the other movies, but I liked him in Hollywoodland.He showed great dramatic chops.What about Changing Lanes? (Underrated film…minus the happy ending).

    P.S.: He still has to try a lot for the role of Batman.We have to realise and accept that THIS is the new Batman/Bruce Wayne…but i’m afraid when the movie comes out, we will still see Ben Affleck’s face than Bruce Wayne’s. (i agree with those comments)

  • James Thompson

    There are reasons people should shut up about Ben Affleck playing Batman, but the reasons you provided aren’t the good ones.

    • Craig

      So are you going to list the good reasons or just make a smart ass comment and leave?

      • Mrteapot

        Ok Craig I’ve read other articles mainly positive ones, specially I found you praisingthrm on comments lol but here’s the general consensus > oh give him a chance , he directed Argo , all his bad movies were a decade or so ago. Heath ledger wasn’t a great pick at the time. So I say do we base his acting skill just off Argo and I’ll throw in the town only? Yes he directed Argo and rumored to possibly direct a justice league movie I had no problem with that but best director should not be mixed up with acting credibility, finally sure Nicholson fans hated ledger I disagreed back then cause sure ledger started as a teen movie actor we’ll after he proved before dark knight he had acting capability.
        Either way he’s Batman but I feel we will miss out with brolin urban and hamm type of more provin actors in the long run. For Ben Affleck

  • rob

    BEN AFFLECK is the right choice lets be open minded here, Ben has Directing and Writing experience which is something that Goyer and Snyder needs help with so I believe this will work.

    • Leonard Thomas

      goyer needs help with that? lol i can just laugh at your comment

      • rob

        Laughter is a good way to start a rant you Leonardo d Thomas, now first of all the Nolan`s wrote DRK trilogy, second of all Goyer cant write on his own especially for a film expected to make dollars pile to the sealing (Superman Vs. Batman). WB wants this done right. I respect some of Goyers work and the love that he has for comic book but at this point he needs some assistants.

        • Leonard Thomas

          superman vs batman is just being made to pile up cash nothing else. have you seen all snyder’s flick? he doesn’t focus much on a strong script like nolan. only watchmen was a technically sound movie. he makes movies larger than life, adds tons of CGI and a lot of action and the audience loves it. he is quite good at that. and i watch his movies sheerly for that. even man of steel was devoid of a good script. so let goyer do it as he does always

          • Craig

            loved Watchmen. I actually just watched again today.

          • Leonard Thomas

            yea man

  • HMOsSuck

    I’m kind of hoping this casting means they plan to emphasize Batman’s great detective skills. The dark brooding ninja thing has been done to death in the movies.

  • Mrteapot

    Craig I respect your article and your optimistic opinion wish I could not see how WB is rushing a we’ll loved franchise into the ground for more money. Honestly it’s only been a year since dark knight rises and it’s only been one month since the announcement of vs at comicon, the feeling of rushed bad decision making is on our mind. My honest opinion is WBers is turning or trying there best to make Justice league there avengers while it’s hot. Affleck is there Robert downy jr. In my opinion RDJ fit Tony Starks character traits….maybe Affleck is the pretty boy douche that Bruce waynes character is? Maybe there onto something…and that’s the most I can agree with you. Btw star trek > star wars

    • Craig

      How can you say rushing? Marvel only took 4 years to go from Iron Man to Avengers (2008-2012) and that was 6 movies. And It wasn’t rushed. Don’t you think that WB, the owers to the rights of Batman and Superman, saw the box office of the Avengers and said “We want that” especially since Batman alone can make billions. Don’t you think as Snyder was making Man of Steel, he was working with WB in the thought that Man of Steel is the first step towards Justice League. Fans can’t make up their minds. DC fans bitch that there is no Justice League, so WB is bending over backwards to appease them, but then they spit on their face with criticism. I want to see it come, And I will support the final product because I love super heroes.

      I only prefer Star Wars over Star Trek because I enjoy the fantasy aspect over the technology and military. I like the wise wizards and a hero trying to redeem his fallen father over the Space Navy and their Prime Directive.

      • Mrteapot

        Haha I understand DC fans want JL but like xmen it’s only as strong as the stand alone projects make that company money wise. I had to live through a lack luster hill movie two bad ghost riders (Nickolas cage in them) a bad daredevil(you know who) three spider mans and a reboot ….just to finally get avengers. Now I know different companies owned rights but marvel as a continuity not company hasn’t been fun lol DC seems to be rising on only superman and Batman franchise. Green lantern they tried and bombed (im personally angry cause I wanted a deadpool movie) then bombed with superman returns. You should be mad at bale for not appreciating the role…Hugh Jackman obviously does. It’s a shame he just handed it over to Affleck. So as a marvel fan it hasn’t been nice I’ll trade you two Nicholas cage ghost riders for a green lantern neday.

        Star trek isn’t all about military prime directive lol there’s a far greater message of consequences and exploration , with shades of grey in the story line. Aren’t as easily cut as the dark side and light side in star wars. «nerd chuckle» I love both there two different entities. As long as jar jar is dead. May you live long and prosper

  • CComry

    “This is Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel.”

    And that is exactly the reason it will suck. Batman should never be a back drop for someone else.

    • Craig

      I can agree with that, But I always said that WB CANNOT just jump into a Justice League. Batman is a successful property and Superman finally got a reboot. The two need to meet just like Bruce Timm did in the animated series World’s Finest movie. Then WB needs to get on the ball with a Wonder Woman movie. Once you establish the JLA Holy Trinity of Bats, Supes, and WW, then they can make JLA. Characters like Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman/Hawkwoman can be supporting roles like Hawkeye.

  • Owlbear

    I get so sick of the Keaton and Ledger comparisons. First, Keaton had already proved some range before playing Batman, and, more importantly, the fact that he was cast against type. The latter was why there was uproar. No one doubted Keaton acting chops. The same goes with Heath Ledger; no one doubted his acting chops; the uproar was because he was being compared to Jack Nicholson’s Joker; could he be a believable bad guy?

    Affleck has nowhere near the acting ability, nor the gravitas, no pull off the pathos and complex psychology of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Unlike Superman, Batman is not meant to seen as an “everyman.” Batman/Bruce Wayne is a complex and psychologically damaged character. Plus, Affleck has been building a respectable career BEHIND the camera; him being Batman in the experiment that is DC’s extended universe takes Affleck away from potential directing projects that would cement his career as a director.

    • Craig

      Well then maybe the uproar is that Affleck is being compared to Bale’s Batman. This is in a different universe. This is in the DC Justice League world. This Batman is not set in reality. The one thing great about Batman, and other comic book characters is that the same character can exist in a dark and brooding world, and in a family friendly one. Look at Batman in the Animated Series, The Super Friends, The Brave and The Bold and Justice League Unlimited. I think Warner Bros. is trying to have the new Justice League movie Batman to be more set in a fantasy world like Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.

      What Christopher Nolan did for my favorite super hero of all time was amazing. And I will never be able to sing the praise. But Batman can exist in other universes.

      • Mrteapot

        You really cannot say this is a different universe. It’s obviously based in the same or was going to be. On the simple fact goyer helped write it and Nolan helped produce it….let alone they tried to bribe a crap load for bale to reprise his role is enough to see it was a continuation of the Nolan verse. Pretty sure there going to stick to a realistic soon on Batman too.

        • Chris Wilke

          It’s a story from the same universe but a take that puts a real guy as Bruce Wayne that becomes Batman. There are no other superhero figures, no magic, no kryptonite Which reminds me, I think our new Superman universe will also be devoid of Kryptonite.
          That being said, The Dark Knight series was just a book, it had three parts and it ended. There isn’t another chapter to this story and it’s over. That’s how it is.
          Now, Ben Affleck. Yes, I am on the fence about his performance but Ben has good qualities too. He can apply his past experiences and failures into becoming a super awesome Batman. AND, what do you mean Ben doesn’t have range? He has been in more than one or two movies, different genres, and many success and failures. He has range.
          Listen to Craig, he knows what he’s talking about. If not Craig, listen to Kevin Smith, he hasn’t let us down and he backs Affleck. SOoooo… now I do as well.
          Good luck Ben! Try not to get mauled…

          • Mrteapot

            Im pretty confident and sure kryptonite will play a big role in the upcoming vs movie Chris. Only way I can set Ben Affleck Batman standing a chance against superman is kryptonite. A realistic way would be by Batman showing superman the movie daredevil to weaken him haha if he wanted to kill him he could show him Gigli. Ahaha!

          • Chris Wilke

            Gigli could destroy the universe if it fell into the wrong hands…

          • Mrteapot


        • Craig

          It may have been based in the same universe at one point, but I don’t think the realism of Nolan works with the fantasy of Man of Steel. Nolan helped produce Inception, but that’s not in this universe. Goyer wrote Blade and that’s not in this universe. Paul Dini wrote Arkham Asylum, but it’s not the same universe as the Animated Series, even though Conroy and Hammill was the voices of Batman and joker in both. Make sense?

          Btw Nolan is no longer in the credits for Man of Steel 2 as per the recent press release.

          • Mrteapot

            Craig no ones saying anything about Hamil Conroy or the animated series you silly duck lol simply that it’s obvious this was part of the NOLAN verse since all the names in dark knight are found in man of steel.I’ll pretend that was a coincidence, bales dark knight was bribed to be in man of steel vs by no coincidence it’s the same universe

  • Roger Pedersen

    I just don’t think Ben Affleck has what is needed to portray a believable Batman/Bruce Wayne.. In the comics, animated features and most of the movies Batman has a brooding personality, and is almost as dark and as twisted as the villains he fights. The man can scare someone to crap his pants easily..

    I just don’t see Ben being able to do that.. But, I do hope I am positively surprised when the movie is released..

    • Craig

      People said the same thing about Michael Keaton. He was a goofy comedian actor who was Mr. Mom and the guy from Gung-Ho. He had only one major dramatic role and that was Clean and Sober. And yes there are some reservations about Affleck, but as a huge batman nerd that I am, I am just trying to be positive.

  • Roxtaf

    My thoughts are: He CAN act, but rearly uses it, because it seems the characters he plays often are very similar in how they act, and speak.
    Him as Bruce Wayne could be just another eppearence as meh as many others he has made. For example when there is a disagreement and Ben is sure his idea is the way to go, he tries to convince others and while doing so shake his head and makes that face he does, you know which i mean if you think about it.
    But riding on the back of Man of Steel, trying to get away with that would be a disaster, and i think the people making the movie knows this, so they won’t let it be like that.
    He has to step up and own the role, and not be a substitue for Christian Bale, but he also HAS to step away from the type he usualy plays.
    In the end, it would be good, and it could suck worse then anything seen to date. It is up to Him, the directors and so on to make sure it is not just one more Ben affleck appearence

    • Craig

      Can I tell you how amazing your comment is. And you are absolutely right. And that’s why Affleck HAS to succeed. I’m still utterly amazed how dead on perfect your comment is. This is why I actively write back to people who comment. You took the time to be intelligent, you deserve a thank you. As a huge Batman fan, I hope you’re right, because if not, my article destroys my credibility.

  • Mrteapot

    Oh please you forgot one true thing that is undeniable…and that is when we look at Bruce Wayne we’ll see BEN AFFLECK!!! Same argument is with Nickolas cage type actors. Please don’t put heath ledger in there cause when I see dark knights joker I don’t see broke back mountain or a nights take. I see GREAT character acting. Now upside maybe when he ours on the cowl we will briefly see Batman and not Ben Affleck. But as soon as he takes it off it’s Ben Affleck!!! Idc if you feed him all the steroids take him to acting classes. I and everyone will see daredevil, pearl harbor, Armageddon, beeeeeeen aaaaaffffleck!!!!! The best the vs movie could ever hope to obtain is the status of being mediocre. We briefly forget it’s Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne cause he’s dressed as Batman and he growls and mumbles to the point we believe it could be bales old Batman. The end

    • Craig

      I can understand where you come from, But I didn’t see Nick Cage when he played Big Daddy in Kick-Ass. Also it’s Knights Tale, not nights take.

      • Mrteapot

        Actual fact Nicholas cage auditioned for superman back in the 90s you can google the picture if you never seen it. Again it was Nicholas cage with a mustache in kickass I admit he did a mediocre, would I wanna see Nick cage play a monumental role as Batman or superman HELL NO yes it was a knights tale damn auto correct. My point is why can’t they get an unknown actor or not a huge mainstream one a chance? Just cause Ben Affleck won WB an award for BEST DIRECTOR doesn’t mean his acting changes and got better. Man you would think after all the crap he talked about ever playing a superhero again after daredevil here he takes one of the most praised. It’s a delicate superhero for those too young to remember the god awful ones of the mid nineties. I have hope tho…..that Kevin Smith will intervene and slap some sense into Ben (prolly to big of an ego to pass up the role to someone new)

        • Craig

          Yes he did audition for Superman, and it didn’t work. Thus there was no superman movie. That’s the same Superman movie that Kevin Smith wrote a treatment for that got shut down. That’s the great Spider/Polar Bear story he talks about in “An Evening With Kevin Smith.” And Yes Affleck acting did get better when he wasn’t taking safe roles.

          • Mrteapot

            He was good in the town and Argo was great. With Michael Keaton at the time tho comedic genre he was popular he was generally a good actor built
            Reputation. And tho heath ledger started out in teen heart throb roles he proved to branch out in acting. Ben Affleck has proven to be a better director over time. I just feel as we will accept him to be the Batman as time goes by we will be missing on a more profound unproven actor in his stead. And alot of fans feel that way prolly even you. Were missing out on great performance due to Affleck portraying a mediocre Batman :-(

    • DoigtDuPeuple

      Funny .. all things that were said about Ledger before we saw the movie… “All I’m gonna see is that gay cowboy every time the Joker will be on screen!” …Good lord, relax.. If you go in there thinking that Affleck is gonna ruin the movie you’re way off… Snyder/Nolan’s plot holes will ruin the movie once again. Not the actors.

      Wait before you go ape shit over a casting decision. Once the movie comes out and if he delivers less than what was expected of the character then go ahead, fanboy the hell out of his performance.. But until then.. Please take a step back a hope that Snyder doesn’t deliver another Man of Steel hole ridden movie that destroyed half the character’s vision of what made him great..

      • Craig


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