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Jack and Jill

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The Happy Madison gang is back with Adam Sandler’s new movie Jack and Jill. Is this movie about the relationship of twins, a fun family comedy, or tale of domestic violence?


Jack is a successful advertising executive who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. His firm is trying to land Al Pacino for a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial in order to save the company. Jill is Jack’s twin sister. She lives in the Bronx with her bird. She is in town visiting him during the Thanksgiving  holiday. Jill is having a hard time in life and desperately needs quality time with her brother, because their mother has just passed away.

Unfortunately Jack and Jill’s relationship has suffered, mainly because he is embarrassed of his sister. Jack’s main problem is that he feels that he is better than the life he had as a child and desperately wants to separate himself from his sister. Jill, who is naive of her short comings, just wants to love Jack and his family unconditionally. Problems escalate between Jack and Jill when she overstays her welcome in LA. Can Jack overcome the embarrassment of Jill while trying to enjoy the holidays and land the big ad account for Dunkin’ Donuts?



As a huge fan of Adam Sandler, it pains me to say that Jack and Jill is a disaster from beginning to end. Let me retract that statement. The opening and closing credits are book ended by some funny interviews by real life twins and their anecdotes of growing up together. Between these are some very cringe worthy scenes of supposed bits of comedy, that are chaotically thrown together in a questionable story line.  I haven’t mentioned the offensive antisemitic and racial jokes throughout the movie. It’s so bad that even Adam Sandler has to tell Nick Swardson’s character that his comments are antisemitic.

If you have watched any of the Happy Madison produced movies since the beginning of Adam Sandler’s film career, they are jam packed with all of his friends in small cameos. This includes David Spade, Tim Meadows, Norm MacDonald, Allan Covert, and Peter Dante. Notable absences are Rob Schneider and Kevin James. Maybe they had something better to do. Dennis Dugan who has directed just about every Sandler movie since Happy Gilmore also returns.  Katie Holmes, who plays Jack’s wife, just seems to be there to serve as the voice of reason. She doesn’t really add to the film; she was just there.

The saddest part of the film was Al Pacino. He plays “himself” in probably the worst role of his life. He must have owed Sandler a huge favor. Pacino plays an almost Gary Busey version of himself that has a mental break down on stage and is somehow  madly in love with Jill. The scenes where Pacino is chasing after Jill come off as an uncomfortable live action version of Pepe le Pew. One joke in the movie shows Jill accidentally breaking the Academy Award he won from Scent of a Woman. Jill apologizes and says that  he must have more to replace it. Pacino responds with “you would think.” After watching Pacino in this movie, I don’t have to think.


This movie could have been so much better in many different ways. The problem is the portrayal of Jill. She is so grotesque that you absolutely do not sympathize with her. You actually understand why Jack can’t stand to be around her or introduce her to friends and coworkers. But you should care about Jill. She is alone in the world with only her bird to talk to. Men have never given her a chance. Her mother just passed and this is the first holiday season without her. I really wanted to like her. But the horrible jokes of her farting, having explosive diarrhea, breaking a pony’s legs with her weight, and her sweat shadow on the bed sheets, just could not muster any love from me.  Imagine the old Saturday Night Live “Gap Girls” skit that went on for too long and was not funny. Even David Spade cameos in drag.  Chris Farley must be rolling in his grave right now.

Jack and Jill is rated PG, but it is not for kids. It really is not even a feel-good family film. It is more of a ninety minute commercial for Royal Caribbean Cruises and Dunkin’ Donuts. It is really sad that Sandler has of late resorted to horrible family films. I miss the days of Happy GilmoreBilly Madison and The Water Boy. Hell, I actually liked Little Nicky. But Jack and Jill is just another in a line of movies that is running on Sandler’s dwindling star power. I can not at all recommend this movie. To summarize my thoughts of Jack and Jill on what Al Pacino says at the end of the film: No one should see this movie. All copies should be burned. And people who have seen it need to be talked to.

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  • Dennis Grey

    I agree this movie was horrible! Adam Sandler has been going downhill since that movie Grownups

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